Freeze Dried Candy 2023: New Year, New Sweets!

Freeze Dried Candy 2023: New Year, New Sweets!

Freeze Dried Sweets - 2023

I'm so pleased to announce that we will be releasing a host of new products in 2023! We've just invested in new machines to enable us to bring you a new range of stock. I know lots of you have been in touch with your requests, and we've been busy in the lab testing our favorites.

New incoming freeze dried sweets

Here is a list to tickle your freeze dried candy tastebuds:

  1. Peach Rings - classic freeze dried favorites
  2. Mini Peach Rings - we think these are the peachiest most delicious rings of all
  3. Hi chews (Japanese) - Watermelon, Banana, Apple & Grape
  4. Iron Brew Chew Bars - Mini chew bars, intensly sour and tangy
  5. Jolly Ranchers Puffs - intensely sweet American boiled sweets
  6. Vimto Fizzy Marshmallow - my new favorite marshmallow product
  7. Drumstick Marvelous Marshmallow - cubes of light and mild milky goodness
  8. Starburst & Starburst Mini's - very crunchy fruity flavoured pillows
  9. Saltwater Taffy - Watermelon, Cupcake Sprinkles, Peppermint & Cotton Candy
  10. Sherbons - Old school classic boiled sweets with sherbert center.
  11. Charlston Chew - Vanilla & Strawberry
  12. Fizzy Lips - cool looking fruity rainbow gummy lips
  13. Squashies - Minions Blueberry & Banana and Rhubarb & Custard

Can't wait to see you once these hit the shelves!

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