Frequently asked questions


Something is wrong with my order.

If you have any issues with lost, missing or damaged items please drop us an email to or use our contact form to get in touch. One of our team will get back to you. If you can include a picture, that always helps.

My sweets are broken, what now?

Freeze dried sweets are fragile and sometimes bars do crack in the post. In cases where chew bars are broken, we do not offer refunds or replacements - sorry it isn't always perfect! We try our best!

If the postman delivers you crumbs, get in touch with a pic and we'll see what we can do.

We deal with these kinds of issues on a case by case basis.

Delivery is lost or says it's delivered but it isn't...?

First off, I'm sorry and I know it is super frustrating (it is when it happens to us). Your best bet is to:

  1. Check your tracking: this will be emailed to you after you get your order confirmation
  2. Check your neighbours: sometimes posties deliver to the people next door
  3. Check outside, behind stuff... in bins: check all the classic frustrating locations posties leave parcels.
  4. Get in touch: if you still cant find your parcel, let us know and we can give them a call on your behalf. Sorry it can take a while for them to investigate so it's always better to check first.

What are freeze dried sweets?

Freeze dried sweets are trendy treats that undergo a preservation process, originally invented by NASA for austronaughts (hence SpaceSweets) using freeze dryers.

This process involves freezing the sweets and then removing their moisture through a vacuum, leaving behind a lightweight, crispy, and crunchy version of the original treat.

Freeze-drying preserves the flavor and nutritional content while extending shelf life - to around 25 years. These snacks retain their taste and often have a unique texture, making them popular for hikers, campers, and space travel due to their long-lasting, lightweight, and convenient nature.

They can include fruits, candies, or even ice cream, offering a flavorful and portable snack option.

Why are freeze dried sweets expensive?

Freeze-dried sweets can be expensive for several reasons:

  1. Specialized Equipment: The freeze-drying process requires specialized machinery and expertise, which can be costly to maintain and operate.
  2. Time-Consuming: Freeze-drying is a time-intensive process. In most cases a batch can take 16-24 hours! It takes a long time to remove moisture from the sweets, and time is money in manufacturing.
  3. High Utility Costs: Since we have to run our machines for so long, it cost a lot of money to power the pumps and blast chillers to make our products.
  4. High-Quality Ingredients: Many freeze-dried sweets are made from high-quality ingredients to ensure the best flavor and texture, which can be more expensive.
  5. Low Yields: The freeze drying process results in low yields, as we can only fit so many on a tray, which leads to higher costs per pack - as we always pack our bags full. This is why other companies only give small portions!
  6. Packaging and Presentation: Our freeze-dried sweets are packaged in airtight packaging to maintain their freshness, which adds to the overall cost.
  7. Hand made: SpaceSweets products are all unwrapped, prepped and packaged by hand. We have a team of amazing Space staff working tirelessly to bring you amazing sweets!

Does SpaceSweets offer any discounts?

Yes we do! We often have discounts running for signing up to our newsletter, leaving us reviews of our products and often run promotions around events. Keep your eyes peeled especially on our TikTok, YouTube and Facebook pages!