What freeze dried candy is best?

What freeze dried candy is best?

Top 5 Freeze Dried Sweets

We're often been asked which freeze dried candy is best? This list is especially if you've never tried freeze dried sweets before. Here is our opinion to make your first purchase from SpaceSweets a little easier:

#1 Freeze Dried Skittles

      Freeze Dried Skittles

      The freeze dried sweet that started it all. Skittles pop like popcorn in our space machine, they come out light and crunchy. The best way to describe it is skittle popcorn. All those delicious fruity flavours are enhanced and hit you all at once giving you an instant punch of delicious fruity flavour. An absolute must try.

      #2 Freeze Dried Strawberry Rings


          Rings are super popular freeze dried, they double or more in size and turn extremely light and crunchy. The texture, size difference and just how cool they look is a big draw. Out of all the rings my personal favorite is Strawberry. The flavour is just incredible, it takes you back to a summers day.

          #3 Freeze Dried Refereshers

            Freeze Dried Candy Refreshers

            Bursting our of their pretty blue and red wrappers, this retro classic freeze dries amazingly. Lemon is such a great flavour to intensify in the freeze drier, matched with the sherbet centre these Refreshers are zingy with a fizzy finish from that delightful sherbet.

            #4 Freeze Dried Squashies


            Squashies have the best reaction to freeze drying. They blow up into cool looking butternut squash shaped puffs. They also have a tendency to come out of the factory looking and reacting slightly differently in the space machine. Sometimes they are perfectly smooth, other times they explode out of themselves and we've also seen their colours all mixed together like tie-dye. On top of all of that they taste incredible... milk and raspberry.

            #5 Freeze Dried Milk Chocolate Eclairs

            Freeze Dried Eclair

            We couldn't make a list without including freeze dried toffee! Of all of the toffee we think that Eclairs are the best, purely because we love the added silky, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate. Chocolate does technically freeze dry, but when coated or inside candy that does, like toffee, the results are spectacular. Eclairs and Werthers look similar when freeze dried. People say they look like eggs or potatoes but trust us, they taste way better! The lightest and crunchies sweets we do, the toffee melts like caramel in your mouth, coating your entire tongue with deliciously milky creamy goodness.

            #6 Freeze Dried Mystery Box 

            Freeze Dried Candy Mystery Box

            A bonus item for you - the mystery box! Although not technically a freeze dried sweet, this sample box is our best seller and puts us in control of picking you a wide and varied selection of freeze dried candy for you to test. Also, we provide a 10% discount over picking items individually - bonus!

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